Church Leadership in a Multi-Cultural Context

taught by Gerardo de Jesus

Course description

Discovering how to appreciate, understand, and dialogue with those different that ourselves is part of the missiological task. The ancient miracle of “tongues” to hear the gospel in one’s own language was more than just a linguistic phenomenon, rather, an intentional act of God to connect with those who sought to feel included in what God was doing in Jesus Christ. This course seeks to continue this miracle of communication by empowering future leaders who will working in a multi-cultural context. It will also enlighten as to the obstacles to this inclusion, such as the myriad subtle threads of cultural and social alienation that slip through our theological formation. Our aim is to offer an Incarnational response to leadership that will change the way we think of ourselves and those different from us.

Gerardo de Jesus
Gerardo de Jesus
The Reverend Dr.

Assistant, St. Mary of the Angels, Orlando; BA, The Kings College; MDiv, Fuller Theological Seminary; PHD, The School of Theology at Claremont.