Ethics in Action

taught by Ed Bartle

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One of the texts for this class on Christian Ethics written by Victor Lee Austin is titled: Christian Ethics and is sub-titled; A Guide for the Perplexed. The foundation of our belief is centered on Scripture, Tradition and Reason. We can so easily become ‘perplexed’ when our understanding of moral theology, or what scripture and tradition teaches us, conflicts with our pastoral care, what reason teaches us and social or communal needs demands from us. How do we realistically deal with contemporary “hot buttons” affecting those who come to us for counsel or advice? If we respond with “Well, the Bible says…” we risk sending them away more conflicted. If we respond by re-shaping our belief to meet their needs, we risk creating a message of ignoring scripture and tradition. This class is designed to be an interactive thought session, not offering answers but encouraging students to discuss alternatives derived from experience and conscience based on Scripture, Tradition and Reason.

Ed Bartle
Ed Bartle
The Reverend

Retired; BS, Rollins College; MS, Rollins College; MATS, Nashotah House.

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