Know the Heretics

taught by Justin Holcomb

Course description

There is a lot of talk about heresy these days. The frequency and volume of accusations of heresy suggest that some Christians have lost a sense of the gravity of the word. On the other hand, many believers have little to no familiarity with the orthodox doctrine or the historic distortions of it.

What’s needed is a strong dose of humility and restraint, and also a clear and informed definition of orthodoxy and heresy. This class is designed to help the student more deeply understand the foundations of the faith.

Justin Holcomb
Justin Holcomb
The Reverend Canon Dr.

Canon for Vocations, Diocese of Central Florida; Adjunct Professor of Christian Thought, Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary; BA, Southern University; MA (Theological Studies) and MA (Christian Thought), Reformed Theological Seminary; PhD, Emory University.

Course Curriculum

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