Our Anglican Heritage

taught by Scott Walker

Course description

“The Episcopal Church exists because Henry VIII wanted a divorce and the Pope wouldn’t grant him one.” Well, I suppose that’s all we need to know about our Anglican heritage: class dismissed. Or, maybe there is a little more to the story? Perhaps there is a firmer foundation for this worldwide communion of some 70 million souls than just an unhappy marriage.

In this course we will examine the development of Christianity in Britain and, later, the world. We will touch on several key characteristics and decisions that have formed the Anglican Church as we currently know it, and consider what type of communion the Lord is calling us to be now and in the near future.

Scott Walker
Scott Walker
The Reverend

Rector, St. Agnes Church, Sebring; BA, Southern Methodist University; MS, Baylor University Graduate School; MBA, Baylor University Graduate School; MA, Nashotah House Theological Seminary.

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