Shame: The Confusion of Faces

taught by Debbie Miller

Course description

Ever since we tasted the forbidden fruit, shame has been a constant companion for the human race. It keeps us from risking the vulnerability necessary for connection, love, creativity, and belonging. It grips us with secrecy and silence. It holds us back from living authentically with its messages of scarcity, comparison, and judgment. And it is rarely talked about from our pulpits, because even the word shame can send us reeling into shame.

Based on the work of Brené Brown, popular TED talk speaker and social science researcher, this workshop will focus on:

  • Debunking common cultural myths about vulnerability;
  • Defining shame and examining triggers;
  • Exploring the neuroscience of our responses to shame; and
  • Reviewing ways that we try to protect ourselves from vulnerability and shame.

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller

LMHC, Certified Daring Way Facilitator and Consultant, Founder and Lead Therapist, Daring Soul Care, Orlando; BS, University of Maryland University; MA, Reformed Theological Seminary; Coursework Completed, The King’s Seminary; Pursuing DMin, Graduate Theological Foundation.

Course Curriculum

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